Brian Sholis

I am curator of photography at the Cincinnati Art Museum. Formerly an editor at Aperture Foundation and Artforum, for more than a decade I have written about contemporary art, photography, landscapes, and history. My first book, Kentucky Renaissance: The Lexington Camera Club and Its Community, 1954–1974, will be published in October by Yale University Press. It accompanies an exhibition of the same name.

I have organized exhibitions, edited anthologies, devised public programs, and have written and lectured widely. I have moderated a discussion between a police chief and a civil-rights lawyer, juried international art prizes, lectured on patriotic monuments in WWI-era New York, interviewed experimental musicians and literary scholarshelped conceive an iOS app for a legacy publisher, and taught the American history survey to undergraduates.

Some recent writing: on Norwegian photographer Torbjørn Rødland; on German photographer Jochen Lempert, whose work I exhibited in Cincinnati during 2015–16; on Swedish photographer Mårten Lange; and on Barbara Norfleet’s 1979 book of vernacular photography, The Champion Pig.

I can be reached at and @briansholis.